Why Ninja Flask is Your New Must-Have

Stay Stealthy, Stay Cool, Stay Hydrated

  • Secret's Out

    Ever needed a hideaway for your tiny treasures? Ninja Flask has a hidden compartment so your secrets are safe and sound

  • Rock That Style

    Ninja Flask is more than a bottle—it's a fashion statement. Turn heads wherever you go with this sleek and stylish lifesaver

  • Sip Safe

    Drink worry-free! Our premium, BPA-free materials ensure you're sipping only the good stuff.

  • Twist & Shout

    Unveil your hidden compartment with a quick twist. No fuss, all function. It's the bottle that works as hard as you do

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Your questions answered...

What is the Ninja Flask, and why is it so awesome?

Ninja Flask is not just another water bottle—it's your ultimate hydration sidekick with a hidden compartment. Stay refreshed while keeping your small essentials like keys, cards, or snacks super safe. Talk about a two-in-one lifesaver!

How big is the hidden compartment?

The secret stash is spacious enough to fit your house key, a credit card, and some cash or stash. It's like a mini treasure chest you didn't know you

Is Ninja Flask safe for storing food items?

You bet! Our compartment is food-grade safe. So go ahead, sneak in some gummy bears or fresh herbs for your hiking trip.

How do I clean this bad boy?

Cleaning Ninja Flask is a breeze. Just unscrew the bottom compartment
and wash it separately. The bottle itself is dishwasher-friendly.

Can I put hot liquids in Ninja Flask?

Ninja Flask is designed for cold beverages. Hot liquids might compromise
the integrity of the hidden compartment, and we wouldn't want that,
would we?

Is it cool to take Ninja Flask to school or work?

Absolutely, as long as you're not hiding anything against rules or
regulations! It's perfect for when you want to keep a few things close
but out of sight.

How do I open the secret compartment?

A simple twist unlocks your secrets. Quick and easy, like any good ninja move should be!

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